Hole 16

Hole 16 - Par 4

Mens - 401 m Index 2/20 Ladies - 267 m Index 11

Regarded by many club members as the hardest hole on the course (now index 2) this par 4 is a challenge for golfers of any level. The wide open fairway beckons your drive but… Faders BEWARE! right off the tee gives you very little chance of getting there in 2 due to thick trees. Drawers BEWARE! a pulled tee shot gives you little chance of getting there in 2 for the same reason. Your 2nd shot will be either fairway wood, hydrids or long irons for most needed to carry the large gully and uphill slope all the way to the green. The large FAST oval shaped green sloping from back to front requires a very good read. Walking off here with par is a good result.

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