Golf Membership


Flexible payment plans available

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Shortland Waters Golf Club membership options and fees are valid for 12 months from date of sign up. Full terms & conditions are on the downloadable application form below. Online submissions for membership are also subject to the same conditions and approval.

7 Day Full Membership - $900

Perfect for golfers of all abilities

6 Day Membership - $800

Excludes Saturday play

7 Day Young Adult - $535

25 - 29 years of age

6 Day Young Adult - $430

25 - 29 years of age - excludes Saturday play

Colt Membership - $275

18 - 24 years of age

Junior Membership - $105

Under 18 years of age (with Golflink)

Veteran Membership - $275

Over 55 years of age - conditions apply

Social Golf Package - $220

No competitions - Social games only (No Golflink)

Lifestyle PAYP Package - $420

Conditions apply

Clubhouse Membership - $10

Member discounts - No Golf

Online Membership Application

Simply select the membership category, edit the start date, preview and accept the quote, fill in your details, and then submit.

Application form & Payment options

Download and print the application form, then simply fill in your details, and get two members of the club to propose, second and sign your application. Once complete, simply email the form to or submit it at the office. Membership fees can be paid as lump sum, or an installment plan can be arranged. Fees, terms and conditions may apply. See below for details.

All membership categories are payable annually and open to both males and females.

Payment by Cash, Cheque, or EFTPOS is acceptable, however, there is a 2.5% fee for any credit card transactions. The Clubhouse also has an ATM for your convenience. Other conditions may apply.