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Voluntary Sand Levy
A voluntary sand levy has been implemented to add sand to all of our bunkers. This levy is requested on all games of golf and it is anticipated that around 4 loads at approximately $2000 per load will be required.
Once the bunkers have been replenished the levy will be removed.
Stage 1 completed with our 1st load of sand into bunkers 29th July.

  • Closing Day and Christmas Dinner

    Christmas 4 Person Ambrose (previously 14/12/2014) and Closing Day 4 Person Ambrose (previously 23/11/2014). This year the above events will be combined and rescheduled to 30th November 2014. Shotgun start @ 12:15 An optional Medley Stableford is available for those playing in the A.M.
  • Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday August 15 commencing at 6.30 pm.

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