The recent upgrade of PowerGolf has seen us move from PG7 to PPG version. In PowerGolf all golf ball prizes are stored in the Ball Ledger. At the time of Go Live on 23rd July the Ball Ledger balances from PG7 were transferred to PPG as a bulk entry. As you are aware, prizes not claimed within 6 months are purged from the system.

The following tables show ball prizes won from 1st February until 23rd July. You can see the actual date they were won to assist you in claiming or redeeming them before they are purged. Commencing mid September, the February prizes will be purged if not claimed, in mid October, the March prizes will be purged and so on.

Please note that the figures shown are NOT your current balance. You may have redeemed prizes, or won additional prizes, since 23rd July and these are reflected in the current Ball Ledger shown in the Member Portal. This listing isn’t about your balance – it is to assist you to redeem ball prizes by the date they were won.

Alphabetic Name Listing – the tables of prizes are listed by surname sorted alphabetically. To assist in searching through these we have broken them into groups as below. Click on the group that applies to your surname and scroll down the list.

On each list, the first column is the number of balls Won, the second is number Redeemed and the third is the Balance of ball prizes won in that period of time but not yet redeemed.

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