Local Rules

Local Course Rules

Shortland Waters Golf Club Local Course Rules

Local Rules sometimes apply and are specific to each club.

  • Play the ball as it lies, without moving it or altering any obstacle.
  • You can remove loose natural impediments such as stones, twigs or fallen leaves without the ball moving and without penalty, except in a hazard
  • In a bunker or a water hazard, you are not permitted to ground your club before you swing to hit the ball.

  • When having a drop, you must stand upright, hold the ball at shoulder height and arm's length then drop it. If you drop it and it accidentally touches yourself, your partner or equipment before it strikes the ground, or it rolls closer to the hole, drop the ball again, without penalty.
  • You can repair ball marks and old ball plugs on the green if these affect your putting line. However you may not repair spike marks.